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Marina was the only one I had to keep me sane. And now she's dead... Because of YOU! You think you're so special just because she loved you? All you EVER did was get in the way. I was the one who was everything to her until YOU came along. If I had just thrown you in the river that night... None of this would have happened. She would still be here... We would be together. None of this would have happened. I could have protected her. I would have been there in time... I WOULD HAVE SAVED HER INSTEAD OF YOU!! YOU DIDN'T DESERVE TO BE LOVED BY HER. YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE ALIVE!!!
~ Swift to Blaze

Swift is one of the main characters of Felinia. He is the widower of Marina and the father of Blaze and Dusty.

Appearance Edit

Swift is an adult fox with an orange base color, brown on his lower legs and feet, white on his upper chest, cheeks, the tip of his tail, the insides of his ears, and the sides of his snout, and with a darker gradient of the color running from his upper back to the tip of his tail. His eyes are soil brown.