Well... Perhaps your son will come to you on his own... Get her.
~ One of the shadow wolves
⊗ᴽ ₰☥∇₰﷼♃ ☦♓₪£₪♮☦, ⊗ᴽ ᴽ☥﷼﷼₪☦ᴽ ∰ᴽ⊗☦♮☦ र£⊗╩ ♮ᴽ☥ €╚₰☥£ £☥∇﷼╩☦...

₪ ╟∇﷼﷼ €♓⊗╚ ♮ᴽ☥☥ ╚⊗¤ ₪╚ ♮₪╩☥☦ ⊗र ╚☥☥₰, ♮⊗ ⊗♓☥╚ €♓ ♮ᴽ☥ ☦╟∇£☥₰ ♓⊗£♮∇﷼...

☦⊗ ♮ᴽ∇♮ ₪ ╩∇♃ ლ☥ £☥€╚₪♮☥₰ ¤₪♮ᴽ ♮ᴽ☥ ₰∇£ϡ ╩₪☦♮£☥☦☦ ⊗╚╟☥ ╩⊗£☥.

£₪☦☥, ⊗ ☦♓₪£₪♮☦, £₪☦☥ र£⊗╩ ♃⊗€£ ∰£∇⊙☥☦ ∇╚₰ ₰∇╚╟☥ ₪╚♮⊗ ♮ᴽ☥ ☥⊙☥£﷼∇☦♮₪╚∰ ╚₪∰ᴽ♮.

~ A chant performed by shadow wolves that opens a portal to their homeworld

Shadow wolves are a species of demonic spirits and the main antagonists of Felinia.


Shadow wolves are wolf-like in appearance with glowing red eyes, black fur, black tongues, and yellowish teeth.


Shadow wolves are easily-agitated and violent to the point where they kill Felinians without feeling any guilt or remorse towards them.


Chapter 2Edit

While Swift is taking Blaze hunting, he hears a shadow wolf in the area and immediately retreats back to the cave, taking Blaze with him. The shadow wolf leaves and opens a portal by means of a specific chant, which leads him into the shadow wolf homeworld.

The shadow wolf quickly runs towards a cave that Akuma is in, saying that he has "found him." Akuma is irritated at the shadow wolf for letting him get away, but disregards it, saying that it'll be easy to track him down now.

Chapter 3Edit

While Blaze, Marina, and Swift are asleep, Swift has a nightmare about a previous Felinian who left him to return to the city. A shadow wolf persuades Swift into killing Blaze so he and Marina can live together in peace, and prevent the same scenario from occurring again. Swift is convinced by the shadow wolf's words, and picks up Blaze while he is sleeping and takes him to a river to drown him. However, Marina wakes up and finds Blaze gone. She quickly finds Swift at the river, intervenes, and Swift is kicked out of the house, believing that it was his idea to kill Blaze.

Chapter 4Edit

After Blaze and Marina are separated in a forest, a group of shadow wolves confront and pin down Marina, demanding to know where Blaze is. Marina is unable to tell them where he is, so the shadow wolves attack her so Blaze will hear her screams and come towards them.

When Blaze finds Marina and the shadow wolves, they immediately charge towards Blaze. However, Swift, who had also heard and followed the screams, appears and fights off all the shadow wolves. After all the shadow wolves are gone, Blaze and Swift run to Marina's side. She says her last words before dying of blood loss.

Swift, grief-stricken by his wife's death, goes insane, desroys his cave, and attacks Blaze, severely damaging his left eye and giving him a scar on it. After which, Swift, horrified by his actions, runs away from Blaze, leaving him to fend for himself.


  • The design of the shadow wolves may be inspired by the cryptid known as the black shuck.
  • Shadow wolves speak the Language of the Dead, a language created by the maker of Felinia used by spirits. Because of this, it is reasonable to believe that it is their native language.
  • In Felinia, shadow wolves got their name because of their instinctual act of lurking in the shadows before attacking.