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Red is an extremely minor antagonist who appears alongside Fenn and Silver in Chapter Five of Felinia.

Appearance Edit

Red is a pale red fox with darker paws and ears, as well as a tail of the same color. He has white a white muzzle, cheeks, chest, tail tip, and belly, along with a dark brown nose and eyes. He has a deeper gradient of his base color running along his back and tail.

History Edit

Chapter Five Edit

Red is first seen praising Fenn for the prey that Fenn had stolen from Blaze. When Blaze arrives at the group to ask for his rabbit back, he joins Fenn and Silver when they begin to harass and taunt Blaze.

He ridicules Blaze's scar and is heard laughing with the others at Blaze's embarrassment. When Fenn grabs Fenn and throws him against a tree, he mocks how weak the fox/cat hybrid is until walking away with his two friends.

While Fenn and Silver have a conversation about whether or not they should have injured Blaze, Red looks over to his right side and is shocked when he sees Blaze charging toward the group. He tells his friends to watch out, but it is too late.

Fenn is killed by Blaze and the kit tells the two foxes to get lost, and they respond, begging for mercy. They run away and have not been seen again after this chapter.