Flight page 5 by rainy bleu-d7abpfo

Page 5 is the fith page of the first chapter of Felinia.

Page Contents Edit

This page shows Swift and Marina cuddling in bed. Marina is fast asleep, however Swift is awake, talking to himself.

He shows frustrations towards Marina's view on the Shadow Wolves. He says there's many dangers they could face if she is not careful. He demonstrates annoyance at how she 'shrugged it off'.

He then states that maybe Marina is right and he's just too paranoid. He also reveals that she's the first woman to open up to him. He shows that he's proud of her for giving up her home to live with him, and that if any other person stumbled across him they would retreat back to their land. He admits to admiring Marina for being so determined and brave, however he also says that she's unaware of the consequences she may face. He says that he just wants to keep her safe.