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Fenn is a minor antagonist featured in Chapter Five of Felinia. He is seen with an unknown red fox and a gray fox named Silver.

Appearance Edit

Fenn is a dark cream fox with a lighter cream chest, belly, muzzle, and face, as well as four legs and cheeks of the same color. He has a darker blaze, paws, and ear tips, as well as dark brown eyes.

History Edit

Chapter Five Edit

Fenn is first seen in chapter five when he steals a piece of prey from a fox/cat hybrid named Blaze. After stealing it, he returns to his two friends, a gray fox, named Silver, and a red fox, named Red. Fenn brags about how he had stolen it from right under the kit's snout until Blaze arrives and begins to ask for his rabbit back.

Fenn harasses and provokes Blaze, laughing at him and mocking him while his friend, Silver, jokingly makes a remark about Blaze's scar. Fenn remarks that Blaze must not know how the forest works as he explains that the territory that he was in belonged to him and his comrades.

He calls Blaze a city dweller to which the kit protests until the fox snatches him and slams his body against a tree. Blaze falls to the ground as Fenn and his friends continue laughing at and mocking Blaze.

The gray fox suggests to Fenn that they should not have hurt Blaze since he was only a kit. Fenn responds saying that Blaze had to be taught a lesson and that he was sick of the animals from the city thinking they could walk into their forest.

At the end of this remark, Blaze springs in from the side and Fenn drops the rabbit in surprise. He stares in horror as Blaze slashes his neck and he falls to the ground, lifeless.